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Jason and Lily Mateo, 33 and 32, Baltimore, Maryland

We give CBD to our dog because she is old and has tumors.  She no longer whines when she gets up and the tumors are decreasing in size.

Elle Castro, 40, Alexandria, Virginia

I have been putting CBD in my baked goods to promote general health for my whole family.  No one notices because there is no taste, but we haven’t been to the doctors for any sick visits in a while.

George Richardson, 28, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

I vape CBD on a daily basis to help with the pain in my leg from a car accident, it helps so I do not have to take so many pain meds.

John Nickles, 35, Denver, Colorado

I use CBD gummies for my early onset arthritis daily.  I do not know what I would do without  

Abbey Cunningham, 54, Tucson, Arizona

Every single day since I found out about Elite Hemp Products, I use my CBD in my coffee. I eat and sleep better, and have less stress.